Welding Laboratory „GAMMA-MONTEX LTD came into existence in 1992, formerly as a national company and was founded founded by a group of people specialized in the field of destructing and non-destructive testing.

The Laboratory offers the whole range of destructing and non-destructive tests conducted in a complex way. The tests embrace:

  • non-destructive tests including: radiographic testing, ultrasonic examination, penetrate examination, magnetic particle testing, visual testing; measuring of fusion face thickness, corrosion loss and dissection plates; ovalisation and thinning measurement;
  • destructive tests including: tensile, bending, breaking tests on materials and welded joints; hardness measurement, metallographic examination, impact strength;
  • eligibility of welding technology according to PN EN ISO 15614 (including WPQR);
  • possibility of technical supervision over non-destructive testing that is conducted by our clients (3rd degree certificates);
  • technical supervision over offshore-type constructions;
  • development of welding procedures, testing plans, pWPS, WPS, WPQR and development of standards and regulations interpretation;
  • counseling in the field of welding competence – EWE, IWE.

The Laboratory cooperates with UDT, TUV inspectors as well as with the Welding Institute in Gliwice.
The Laboratory meets the criteria of PN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards. The management system includes works conducted both in a permanent headquarters and in remote locations.

The Laboratory possesses , the Certificate of Recognition provided by the Office of Technical Inspection of 2nd degree; the Certificate of Recognition provided by the Transportation Technical Supervision; the Qualification Certificate provided by Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs.

Our personnel posses certificates of 2nd and 3rd degree according to the EN 473 standard